Management and Company History

Leadership Team

Our Vehltor® team consists of successful people from diverse business arenas who are driven to create something special and truly make a difference in the vehicle industry for both consumers and employees.

Company Background

A student in an ecommerce class at a college asked their course professor for help on selling their vehicle online.

That triggered the humble beginning of Vehltor®.

That ecommerce class professor through his forty-years vehicle industry experience understood the high levels of dissatisfaction a majority of consumers have with how vehicle businesses operate and few options they have to get true help. That class was held in 2005. Since then the mission has been to bring about the disruptive differences consumers needed and wanted with help for their vehicles they sell and purchase. The professor mentioned here is one of the founders of Vehltor®.

Advisors, consultants and experts from every business area involved in the used car, truck, motorcycle, boat, rv and the classics vehicle industries collaborated extensively with the Vehltor® management team during our years of development. Extensive levels of collaboration in year-over-year over a decade with executing changes in every aspect of the vehicle businesses with consignment has resulted in a long-overdue meaningful used vehicle industry changes with streamlined vehicle services for sellers and buyers. Innovative vehicle sell-and-buy eCommerce services never offered to the public before, being served by unbiased agents in a new culture with unmatched respect and ethics — a welcomed service alternative for consumers with a true difference.

Since helping that first student from the college class sell their used vehicle online and years of subsequent real first-hand lessons learned in our development by operating with what vehicle sellers and buyers told us they wanted and needed -- the results achieved new outcomes in helping consumers, and were conclusive. Most important was vehicle sellers and buyers consistently rated their experience 100% satisfied served this new way. Vehltor® USA is excited to bring these used vehicle industry changes for consumers served by Vehltor® Agents.

As an innovative scalable vehicle business eCommerce model Vehltor® will disruptively change the vehicle industry and create thousands of new jobs. Our Vehltor® management team are experienced professionals from all areas of business, all are dedicated to helping consumers and to Vehltor® being the best return for everyone.

Used vehicle seller's and buyer's long wish for a different kind of vehicle business has finally arrived — Vehltor®

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