International Vehltor® Association, Inc.

International Vehltor® Association, Inc. is the global licensor to the Vehltor® brand and intellectual properties. Serving the public through advocacy; education, training, governance and oversight of Vehltor® Agents that serve the public through the new Vehltor® professional vehicle consignment and eCommerce transaction service.

Our Mission – Protecting People:  Vehltor® – Rediscover Trust

Vehltor® Registered Vehicle Agents represent vehicle sellers and buyers, ensure consumer privacy, safety and 100% satisfaction on both sides of used vehicle transactions, on and off the Internet. Vehltor® Agents and locations are licensed, bonded and insured by regulatory agencies in states in which they operate.

We are committed to providing complete education, training, guidance, support and business resources globally to Vehltor® Agents and Vehltor® locations in order to deliver a quality personal assistance and vehicle related services to vehicle sellers and buyers. We accomplish this by operating under high standards of professionalism, abiding by the Vehltor® Code of Conduct and Ethics. We oversee standards, transactional safety and privacy of the vehicle sellers and buyers which Vehltor® Agents serve. The Association assists and provides the resources Vehltor® Agents require to provide the communities they live in with complete services specifically created for consumers, at a professional high level of service on transactions vehicle sellers and buyers know they can trust.

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International Vehltor® Association, Inc.


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